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We at Y-Accel help the next generation of problem solvers and thinkers with their ventures by providing them with mentorship, incubation support, ancillary services, and help them find avenues for fundraising. Being the startup consulting unit of Yuva,  our goal is to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship and help startups to scale up and reach their potential. 

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Agritech startups are altering the way traditional farming was done in our country, addressing the structural roadblocks that prevent Indian agriculture to reach its potential. The report elaborates on the current industry outlook and future trends, describes subsectors, especially FaaS & Market Linkage in detail and delineates how rising private investment and positive public policy can propitiously shape the future of a stagnant, yet vital industry.


Fintech companies have brought about a change in the way we handle our finances. The fintech industry in our nation is tackling the structural hurdles that are preventing the Indian economy from moving forward. The research delves into the current industry perspective, future, and investment trends, as well as subsectors such as Wealthtech and Neobanking, and how rising private investment and favourable government policies may help shape the future of a potentially lucrative sector.

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I’ve had a positive experience working with Yuva. From the kick-off to the completion of the project, they were dedicated and result oriented. They turned things around quickly and came up with approaches and suggestions on their own. I really liked their enthusiasm to learn and their commitment towards the project.

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