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Lufthansa Impact Week 2019

When you work in a group, you don't just gain knowledge and perspective, but more importantly, you make memories you will cherish for the times to come, networks that will never vanish and the exposure that introduces you to a world of never-ending opportunities.

Impact Week 2019, by Lufthansa Global, became a perfect example of a cultural unification where people from various corners of the world bonded over a common ground of entrepreneurial talent. This beautiful symposium of the Indo-German culture witnessed students from different colleges across Delhi-NCR and mentors from different countries come together and ensured that there was no dearth of diversity and the environment remained as charged up and inspiring as it could be.

From understanding the various problems faced in the industry allotted to the participants by closely observing people around them on field visits to ideating in order to find a sustainable solution, the 4-days long design thinking workshop witnessed a large range of unconventional ideas come to the forefront.

The event concluded with its promise of creating something new and ensuring that ideas don't just stay ideas, but turn into plans and these plans finally transform into reality by receiving incubation and funding support from the incubation centres of SSCBS, DPSRU and Ambedkar University.

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