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Meet Our Alumni

Batch Of 2021


Arundhati Goel

Meet the nerdy president, Arundhati. A ‘Monica’ in real life, you’ll always find her organising stuff, taking notes, asking for updates, and attempting to crack jokes. The go-to person for all career-related advice, she’ll always help you make the most sane decisions. With overplanning as a hobby, she ensures everything is inch-to-inch perfect. Being the most humble overachiever and a technology boomer, her old school ways are sure to charm you. 

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Shaurya Soni

Proud of his sin of sloth and gorging chilli chinese cuisine, this master of logistics is an affable guy who possesses a zen personality. The smartest brain of yuva with a veto over all major decisions, one can barely question his logic. Deserving a dundie for the best self-deprecating jokes, he’s a master procrastinator who uses the most advanced makeshift mechanisms to get work done.

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Aryaman Wadhwa

Here is Aryaman Wadhwa, Y accel’s dad and the finance enthusiast in Yuva. He is a “perfect” misfit with his interesting cool - weirdo personality who can talk about anything but is pretty particular about grammar and deadlines.

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Gyaananant Khodaria

 Gyaan’s name may be hard to pronounce but his graphics are super easy to comprehend. The gamer among the misfits, as cool as it sounds, Gyaan turned Yuva's room into a gaming arcade for the E-Summit. He is the silent and reserved fashionista of Yuva.

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Navya Batra

Navya is the sweetest of all with a super charming personality. Always ready to extend a helping hand, she’s a complete work-a-holic and adds a touch of perfection to every piece of content. The head of partnerships at Yuva, she carried out collaborations in full stride and vigour. At 168, you’ll find her writing poetry, doing calligraphy or hitch-hiking free rides to her PG. 

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Shivam Kumar

Shivam could always be found at the peripherals of 168, being his usual unassuming self, and his approachability and reliability was a constant source of reassurance to the team. Always ready to talk about anything sneaker or anime, he leaves the Yuva team with fond memories and lost chargers.

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